If it must be stylish, easy and compact, Kazmi is the best choice.

We are ready to start business with companies who want to achieve a higher level of quality and standard. Our promise is to manage Kazmi with a knowledgeable systemic approach and creative vision and efficiency to achieve an increased level of output.

Auto Camping

Our camping gear creates a cheerful space in the midst of nature, while allowing smooth ventilation, free accessibility, and strong resistance to rain and wind.


A small tent that fits 2~3 people and is suitable for minimal camping. 


Your choice for safe water sports

Our History

KAZMI was established based on high technical requirements in 2008 by CORINTO CO., LTD. Since then KAZMI is the fastest growing brand of outdoor equipment in Korea.

Who we are

Kazmi is a brand launched to reach the best products desired by customers at a reasonable price. Kazmi camping supplies are aimed at convenient camping with stylish colors and patterns. Take off your bored routine and go camping with kazmi.

Why Kazmi

Combining innovative design with advanced materials and superb attention to detail, Kazmi camping equipment will give many years of enjoyment.

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